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Handy Links

Here are some links that will make your life just a little easier.

Membership Application form

To complete a CTCCWA membership application form.

Concessions (DOT)

All you ever wanted to know about DOT registration concessions.

Code 404 Concessional Licence Information Handbook

The rules for the Code 404 concession sheme (stock Vehicles)

C4C Code of Conduct

The rules for the C4C concession scheme. (modified vehicles)

C4C Application form

If you are an existing club member use this form to apply for the discount registration. When you complete this form you will be sent a copy of the form but we will get a copy, sign it and return it to you ready for submission to DOT.

C4C User guides

This page allows you to download the User Guide and the Quick Reference Guide for the WASMA app.


Access the WASMA app via your pc.

GMH Forum

Chat with other folks about Toranas. If you have a question, it has probably been asked before.

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