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Club Registration

Concessional licensing is a great way to save money on registration of a vehicle that may only be seldom used. To qualify for Concessional licencing you must be a member of an authorised club such as the CTCCWA.

Concessions for Classics (C4C)

C4C is for vehicles that are pre 1990 but have been modified from standard. As long as the modifications are street legal then a 75% discount on registration is available. Details of this scheme can be located here:

CTCCWA will be offering this registration with no club events or meeting attendance requirements.


Full details of the rules for club registration can be found in the code 404 handbook which can be downloaded here:

FAQ’s about the rules can be downloaded here:

Please note that these are the rules as decided by the Department of Transport. The onus to comply with the rules around club registration rests totally with the owner of the vehicle.

This registration requires the vehicle to be completely stock and therefore the club must sight the vehicle on at lease 3 events per year to ensure that the vehicle remains standard. (This is a CTCCWA requirement)


Once a vehicle is on concessional registration there are limits to when the vehicle can be used. Each of the systems is currently different however both offer club usage days and an allowance for private use.

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